The Health Research Board (HRB) has announced €2m in funding for a national Irish COVID-19 biobank

The development of this National Irish COVID-19 Biobank was driven and advocated for by the Hospital Group Chief Academic Officer, including Prof Owen Smith (CHI Academic Lead).

This national collaborative programme involved input from  Dr Ronan Leahy (Infectious Diseases in CHI)  and Prof Paul McNally (Director of Research and Innovation). The  is a practical example of universities and healthcare providers working collaboratively to promote and support research that will make a difference to health outcomes.

CHI were responsible for ensuring that children and adolescents were included in this endeavour and will be one of the hospital sites responsible for collection and storage of paediatric samples as part of this national biobank. Funding from this award will support collection and processing of samples across CHI. This development is welcomed by CHI.

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