About our Urgent Care Centre

Most children coming to an emergency department go home after completion of care. We want to see and treat children who require prompt assessment and treatment but don’t require an emergency department visit. We have a consultant led team who will see and deliver this care – we can assess and rehydrate children with gastroenteritis, we can observe and treat children with asthma or croup, We can x-ray , manipulate and cast most fractures and we can suture most wounds, Some children will require treatment or investigations that are not available in our UCC and these children will be directed to one of the paediatric emergency departments.

Conditions Suitable for Attendance at our Urgent Care Centre


✓ Acute asthma (mild or moderate)
✓ Abdominal pain (mild or moderate except RLQ / suspected appendicitis)
✓ Allergic reaction (except anaphylaxis)
✓ Bell's palsy
✓ Bronchiolitis (age > 12 weeks corrected)
✓ Chest pain (mild or moderate)
✓ Conjunctivitis
✓ Dehydration
✓ Dental pain (no trauma)
✓ Dermatitis / eczema
✓ Ear infections / ear pain
✓ Epistaxis
✓ Fever (age > 12 weeks corrected)
✓ Gastroenteritis
✓ Headache and migraine (GCS 15 and no neurological signs)
✓ Henoch-Schonlein purpura
✓ Lymphadenopathy
✓ Rashes and skin conditions (except non-blanching rashes)
✓ Respiratory tract infection / pneumonia (age > 12 weeks corrected)
✓ Skin infection (except abscess)
✓ Syncope
✓ Tonsillitis
✓ Urinary tract infection (age > 6 months)


✓ Bites & stings
✓ Burns (minor)
✓ Dislocations (minor)
✓ Foreign body in ear
✓ Foreign body in skin
✓ Fractures (simple with minor displacement)
✓ Head injury (age > 12 weeks corrected, no loss of consciousness, no vomiting, GCS 15)
✓ Lacerations (minor)
✓ Limp
✓ Soft tissue injury
✓ Subungual haematoma
✓ Suspected nasal fracture
✓ Swallowed foreign body

Conditions Not Suitable for Attendance at our Urgent Care Centre

General Paediatric Service

Our General Paediatric Service will be the first iteration of a new model of care. Our outpatient service will offer better access to paediatric healthcare and is a key step in health care delivery.

Following a significant expansion in paediatrician consultants we can offer a wide range of service and better manage historic waiting lists. The types of clinics which will be provided by general paediatrics include:

General Clinics

The majority of clinics provided by general paediatrics will have a general focus caring for the needs of the undifferentiated child. The casemix for these clinics will be varied and they will be run by a Consultant Paediatrician, a Registrar, a SHO and staff nurses including Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Rapid Access Clinics

Condition Specific Clinics

CHI Clinical Guidelines

Children's Health Ireland (CHI) Clinical Guidelines have been developed through a standardised pathway which aims to ensure the best available evidence and the expertise of the most relevant child health specialists within CHI is captured. The guidelines were developed with the aim of optimising the delivery of clinical care to our patients attending CHI.

CHI Research & Innovation

Clinical research is essential to provide an evidence base for improved medicines and the treatment of sick children. It is well accepted internationally that hospitals active in research and innovation are associated with better outcomes for patients and better recruitment and retention of staff. As the leading centre in Ireland for the conduct of clinical trials and studies in children and young adults, CHI has excellence in research and innovation as one of its key strategic objectives. Read more


CHI has a range of opportunities to join our existing teams, in delivering enhanced paediatric services to transform children’s healthcare.