IAHW is an annual, global event celebrating adolescents and an opportunity to work collaboratively to achieve health and wellbeing goals.

​This year’s theme is “Transitions”
from childhood to adulthood, physically and mentally
from a pre-pandemic life into a life shaped by a pandemic
from dependence to independence


– To increase recognition of the unique health issues facing adolescents worldwide by both adults and adolescents.
– To increase engagement of adolescents in their own health decisions.
– To stimulate events worldwide highlighting issues facing adolescents and ways to address them during International Adolescent Health Week.
COVID-19 has created new adolescent health concerns, yet all of the old ones remain and must not be forgotten. Adolescent health topics may include substance use and abuse, nutrition, physical fitness, mental health and well-being, healthy communities, sexual and reproductive health, and preventive medicine.

An investment in adolescent health will lead to a triple dividend of health benefits:

1. For adolescents now: promotion of positive behaviours and constructive forms of risk-taking.
2. For adolescents’ future lives: support for establishing healthy behaviours and reduction of harmful exposures.
3. For the next generation: promotion of emotional well-being and healthy practices and prevention of risk factors and burdens.

Dr Órla Walsh, CHI Adolescent Medicine and General Paediatrician, says “Ban Ki-Moon was correct when he said ‘young people are the world’s greatest untapped resource.’ International Adolescent Health Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the many adolescents attending CHI and highlight the important work many teams do to support their physical and mental health. The next generation of adolescents will transform our future, therefore an investment in adolescent health is the best investment we can make.”

Niamh O’Sullivan, CHI ADON Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer says “Ireland has one of the youngest populations in Europe. We recognise that investing in adolescents benefits social, physical and economic futures. We are privileged to have interactions with our adolescents and support their developmental, physical, mental and social health and goals. Let’s show them our support.”

Official Colour: Lime green, which represents health, happiness, and the high energy and passion of adolescents.

For more information on International Adolescent Health Week, visit https://internationaladolescenthealthweek.org/index.html

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How can I get involved?

We would like to celebrate IAHW in CHI (Connolly, Crumlin, Tallaght and Temple Street) by asking young people/adolescents to send us something that represents them or is meaningful to them. This could be a piece of art, a poem or song lyrics or a picture and we will create a display in our hospital. We would also love to hear from adults or peers with positive quotes, poems, or lyrics about adolescents that can be displayed across CHI both digitally and in poster format. These posters will enable us to further promote and spotlight this important event. Click here to submit now.