COVID-19 Vaccinations for 5-11 year olds

CHI supports NIACs recommendation for children aged 5-11 years to avail of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Clinical trials showed that this vaccine was highly effective at preventing COVID-19 in children. Though serious illness from COVID-19 is rare in this age group, they are even less likely to become seriously ill with COVID-19 if they are vaccinated. All vaccines are tested before they are approved for use in Ireland by the European Medicines Agency.

How to register

Parent/guardian are encouraged to register their child/children for the vaccine in the HSE portal as soon as possible.

– You will need a Personal Public Service (PPS) number, Eircode, a mobile phone number and an email address. Alternatively, parents can call HSELive on 1800 700 700 to register their child over the phone.
– Children who don’t have a PPSN can be vaccinated, their parents/guardians can register them on the phone with HSElive.
– Once a parent registers their child, they will receive a text message with details of their appointment. The vaccines will be given in vaccination centres.

Getting the vaccine

In line with NIAC guidance, children aged 5 to 11 years old will be offered a Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech) vaccine. The vaccine for children is a smaller dose than the vaccine for adults. They will need two doses about 3 weeks apart. The protection they get has been shown to be similar to the protection the Pfizer vaccine provides for adults.

Parent consent required

A parent/guardian will need to give consent for their child to get their COVID-19 vaccine. If a parent registers online, they will be sent a text message with a link to give consent before the appointment for vaccination. This will be sent to the number you used to register.

A parent or legal guardian will need go to the appointment in person to give consent if they:
– have not given consent online
– have registered by phone – it is not possible to give consent over the phone

Attending the appointment

We encourage all parents/guardians to read ‘Getting my COVID-19 Vaccine Comic’ with your child before attending for vaccination.

Most children aged 5 to 11 year olds will be vaccinated at a vaccination centre near their home. They will need to be accompanied by an adult. Children attending alone will not be vaccinated.

Where possible, the child’s parent or legal guardian should attend the vaccination appointment with their child. If the parent or legal guardian has given consent online in advance, it is possible for them to ask another adult to bring their child to the appointment. If consent has not been given yet, the child’s parent or legal guardian has to be there.

If the appointment time does not suit, parents can change the appointment by calling HSELive on 1800 700 700. Parents of children with additional needs who might need an alternative appointment at a quieter time, and parents who wish to make appointments for more than 1 child at the same time can also contact HSELive.

Appointments have been spaced out to keep everybody safe. People are asked to arrive on time for their appointment but not more than 5 minutes before.

Key Resources

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