Today, World Obesity Day marks the launch of the HSE Model of Care for the Management of Overweight and Obesity

The model was developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI):

  • sets out how the healthcare for children, young people and adults living with overweight and obesity in Ireland should be organised and resourced now and in the future.
  • describes the service required, who should provide it and where the service should be delivered across the healthcare system.
  • takes a population health approach to managing obesity, recognising the wider drivers of obesity such as genetics, environment and socioeconomic status.

The model encompasses policy, legislation & cross sectoral action to support healthy environments. It is being operationalised by the HSE which is the beginning of the journey to establish services for the treatment of overweight and obesity that will meet the future healthcare needs of the Irish population. The publication was also welcomed by the Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity who are members of the Working Group of the  Clinical Programme for Obesity.

This is a significant milestone for the National Clinical Programme for Obesity and the Healthy Eating and Active Living Programme in HSE Health and Wellbeing.

To read the Model of Care for Obesity click here (PDF, 95 pages, 5,574KB)

Summary version of the Model of Care for Obesity is available here (PDF, 4 pages, 1,934KB)