CHI at Tallaght is offering online video consultations to our patients in a number of our outpatient services

Learn how to use this service

If your Consultants wishes to see you via a Video Consultation you will receive an appointment letter as normal, with the time and date of the appointment and a link to this website.

Please watch the video here to learn how to use this service. If you encounter any issues with the test call, please click the "Help leaflet" button to view the Troubleshooting Leaflet.

Help leaflet

Go to your waiting room

Please only enter the waiting rooms below if you have been offered a Video Call appointment by your clinician/service. Patients without a Video Call Appointment will not be seen.

Please enter the waiting room applicable to you below:

Paeds Cystic Fibrosis and Respiratory

Paeds Dietetics

Paeds Occupational Therapy

Paeds Physio

Paeds Psychology

Paeds Speech & Language Therapy

Paeds Development

Paeds Social Work