Introduction - Ensuring privacy

This privacy notice sets out how Children’s Health Ireland processes personal identifiable information that it generates and holds in the course of its work.

It explains:

  • the Data Controller
  • why CHI Collects personal information
  • what personal information CHI collect as a data controller on data subjects
  • how CHI use that data
  • who CHI shares that data with
  • the security in place to protect that data
  • how to access your information;
  • accessing your information as a data subject
  • how to make a complaint
  • the Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • It also sets out the privacy rights that data subjects have under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Irish data protection legislation.

To assist in safeguarding a data subject’s information, CHI has developed a set of fundamental information governance principles and policies to ensure that it minimises the amount of personal data it collects, that it uses personal data only for the purpose it was obtained and in accordance with its legal obligations.

CHI promotes good information governance practices among its staff. CHI continually monitors and improves internal policies, procedures and information communications technology (ICT) security tools to ensure that all personal data is protected against theft, accidental loss, unauthorised access or alteration, erasure, use or disclosure.


Why CHI collects personal information

What information we collect, why we collect it and on what basis we process it?

Camera surveillance systems

Video and camera usage

How long we store personal information for?

Your Rights as a Data Subjects

A summary of these rights is set out here

Accessing you information

Making a complaint or providing us with feedback

Data Protection Officer