CHI at Tallaght/TUH (old building)

Day Patients and Inpatients - CHI at Tallaght

Welcome to CHI at Tallaght. When you stay with us for one day you are called a day patient (because you come in, get your treatment, stay for a while to recover after your treatment and then go home all in one day.) When you are staying as a patient for more than one day you are called an inpatient.

General Points When Attending CHI at Tallaght as an Inpatient or Day patient

When you first come to one of our wards, the nurse will ask you lots of questions: your name, age, school, what you like to eat and drink, what you like to do during the day, when you go to bed and also who will be staying with you. This helps us to get to know you so that we can make sure your stay with us is as pleasant as possible.

How to find us

Our day and inpatient wards are located in the main hospital which you can access by using the main hospital lifts and follow the signposts.

Beech Day Ward

Maple Ward

Oak Ward

Children's High Dependency Unit

Play Department

What To Bring With You